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Nov 03, 10:00 AM
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Working Together

The last thing we need is more division.  No party has a monopoly on good ideas, and I am always interested in hearing all opinions and viewpoints.  I have a track record of working with people from all walks of life to get things done.  As the president of our 200 home HOA, I have done this successfully for many years.  My career was built on breaking down barriers between people to find solutions to problems.


Michelle W. - WVC Resident

It is much more important to know the issues and the people that are running. I can’t remember the last time I have voted a straight party ticket. I have full confidence that you will represent West Valley City well. Thank you 

Matt MacPherson

 for all you do!

Darin B. -WVC Resident

When you asked if you could put a sign in my yard I said "of course" not even thinking about you being in a party. I was taken off guard to see the sign and read "Republican" Didn't even occur to me. But I'm voting for a person that I think will do a good job.

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