Campaign Priorities

Foundations for a strong community

Strong Economy

A healthy community requires good families and a strong economy.  I have spent a decade building Utah companies and even longer building my family, together with my wife.  I believe the government has a role in regulating business.  I also believe the Utah economy strength comes from our business friendly policies, low cost of living and relatively low tax rates.

Safe Communities

There are few needs more basic than that of safety, and in many ways this defines the difference between a neighborhood and a "place to live".   I have served for the last four years on the West Valley City Professional Standards Review Board, a civilian oversight board appointed by the City Council that reviews all use of force by the Police Department.  Crime and policing need to be part of this discussion.

Exceptional Education

I have three children in Utah public schools, two in high school and one in junior high.  I have spent many days assisting my wife in her PTA roles over the years and I started a WatchDOGS chapter at my my children's elementary school (an organization bringing more father figure volunteers to schools).  Good schools start with parent involvement in learning.

Reliable Infrastructure

One of the most basic functions of our government is to build and maintain roads, bridges, parks, and other infrastructure all while protecting our environment.  Utah is experiencing massive growth and is facing a housing shortage as well, we must be focusing on our infrastructure as a priority.

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