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Announcing my candidacy- an introduction

Updated: May 27

My name is Matt MacPherson, and I am running for Utah House District 31. I have lived in this district for more than 12 years now with my beautiful wife and three amazing teenage children.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas until I was 8 years old when my parents divorced and went with my mother to California. I moved back to Las Vegas with my father in Las Vegas when I turned 12 and spent my summers working in his landscaping company until I finished high school.

When I turned 19 I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Southern Texas right at the Mexican border and there learned Spanish, though I am a bit rusty today! I truly loved the people, the food and the area. After my mission I returned to Las Vegas and met my wife, we were married and eventually moved to Utah right after the birth of my oldest daughter, Morgan.

I worked in technology for many years in Las Vegas and again in Utah until I had an opportunity to work for a Technical Recruiting company in 2006. I enjoyed my work there and quickly became a top performer. Eventually I decided to start my own recruiting company in 2011 and have since successfully grown my business to include 75 employees in more than 20 states across the country.

Due to an injury, I decided to semi-retire from my business and spend more time in volunteer work for my community. My wife and I started a neighborhood watch in our neighborhood. I joined the HOA board and became the president for the past several years. I joined the Professional Standards Review Board, a civilian oversight board that oversees the use of force of the West Valley City Police Department. I also organize and shoot off a 4th of July firework show for the entire community at Lake Park, which has hundreds of attendees from neighboring communities.

I am a fiscally conservative Republican. I run a business and am very tight with my spending and income in order to keep my company healthy. I also employ dozens of people and am intimately familiar with their healthcare costs and needs and desires for the future. I love working with people and finding solutions to problems. I believe free markets and free people make the economy strong and give people the most power to decide their future.

I am also socially conservative, I believe the government should be out of the business of marriage, I believe in the sanctity and miracle of human life, and I believe all people should be seen as unique individuals and not as members of groups.

Utah is a great state, and West Valley is a great city! I would not want to live anywhere else in Utah. We have our issues, like all cities, but we have some of the best community leaders, police, fire and emergency professionals and city officials that I have had the pleasure of working with. My desire would be to best represent our district within the state, the best way I know how. Please cast your vote for me and I will do my best for our great district.

Matt MacPherson

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