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Strong Economy

Utah has prospered, in many ways more than any other state in the country. Our business friendly policies, business friendly legal environment, our location, our natural resources, our highly educated and tech savvy population and the culture of hard work has created a very powerful engine that drives this economy with some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. We have seen tremendous growth in technology, energy, aerospace and biomedical research among other sectors.

All the while, Utah maintains a lower cost of living, lower crime rates, better education and healthcare than the national average. We are in the top 5 for economy overall, fiscal stability and infrastructure.

But we also rank very low in clean air and pollution, much of this caused by the topography of the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding mountains combined with the fact this is one of the oldest cities of the west with many homes and factories using older technology. Vehicles produce most of the pollution which the State has done a great job trying to alleviate with HOV lanes and mass transit. I have asthma, and fully support keeping our air as clean as possible!

Government does have a role in regulating business, to some degree. I do not support government controls that either keep-down or prop-up any special interest group, even if that cause is deemed noble. I believe in free markets and I think the government's role is to regulate as little as possible in order to prevent externalities from impacting others.

Legislature's job is to create, modify or remove laws. Too often people run for elected office with an agenda, with a set of laws they want passed, a set of inconsistencies to fix or a set of injustices to correct. I plan on bringing a set of values. Good families and a strong economy create safe communities where we can live, learn, build, grow and raise our children in prosperity.

My plan will be be two-fold.

1. Keep our economy strong by apposing tax increases, burdensome regulation and any expansion to the scope of government. This includes eliminating or modifying existing laws that apply similar burdens and have begun over complicating our system.

2. Create new legislation required for our fast paced technology and social developments, while maintaining a balance between regulating externalities and protecting free markets.

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